The Guru Of Penny Stocks Trading: The Timothy Sykes Story


Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes has inspired many day traders till today, although many think that he is not as bright as they are saying, but the truth to what he has accomplished stands. And has clear proofs of his accomplishments in the penny stocks market.

Timothy Sykes became so popular in the day trading world by the age of 22. He’s now known as a self-made millionaire. He began building his wealth by turning his Bar Mitzvah gift money, which was a total of $12,415 into $1.65 million by trading penny stocks. He briefly managed to hold the number one rank of short-bias hedge fund by Barclay for three years before he decided to move on and starts teaching other people his strategies.

In 2010, he decided to collaborate into a website called The goal of this site was to serve as an online platform that would enable stock traders to share their performance as well as being able to execute their trades openly in order to help each other learn and grow financially.

Founder of Millionaire Media

Timothy Sykes is also the founder Millionaire Media, which is his own website devoted to teach traders like you to become traders like him.

He had already proved to the world that his strategies do work for other traders through his students. One of his successful students, Tim Grittani, he was only 24 years old when he has turned his life savings account of $1,500 into $1,002,000 in just two and a half years. He has done so through day trading or penny stocks trade by following the Timothy Sykes’ strategies.

Another student of his named Michael Goode started with a much larger investment, a sum of $100,000. He used all the strategies given to him by Timothy; he was able to exceed the $1 million profit few weeks ahead of Grittani. To express his happiness, Timothy Sykes said “I am so proud of Michael and Tim for being my first millionaire students.”

What this has to do with us?

Do you remember from day one how I kept emphasizing on educating yourself about the market in order to be successful? Well, this is where I wanted to get with you. Timothy Sykes has shown how self-education can make you a millionaire in trading penny stocks. And it does not take a decade.

Many people may feel like this market is too risky, which is totally correct, but it definitely worth the risks given that you make the right approach and buy the right stocks.

The only reason why his students are making so much money trading penny stocks just as his doing is through all the researches that Timothy himself has done.

I am not here to tell you to join his program as I am not one of his promoters, heck I don’t even recognize him. I stumbled on his site through my own research. But you can be like him if you put in the work.

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