Learning Trading Stock Through Stock Market Game


A stock market game is a stock trading game, created on a platform just like the regular trading platforms. It simulates the market as the activities are occurring during the business hours. It allows users to have a real feeling as if they were trading on the real market while they are just preparing themselves for the real thing.

stock market game.

Practice makes perfect, this is what we have learned since we were very young. Whether you were in a baseball team, a soccer team, or a basket team you heard of this sentence at least more than once. I state those three sports because they are more popular, but you should have heard it from  any sport you used to play during your early years.

Day trading is no different because the more you practice the better you get. That’s where stock market game comes into play, which gives us an edge on others who do not think it’s helpful.

A stock market game would only requires you to register to the site, which is totally free from all the sites I have been to. Trading in real life does not have any limit on how much money you can make from it, you are the only one that can limit yourself. Practicing with a stock market game should definitely increase your chance at wining more.

After you have registered to the stock market game there should be a large sum of paper money for you there to start trading. You will not use any real money to play in a stock market game. And it’s up to you to choose how you want to trade your paper money or fake money given to you.

Here are some potential stock market games you may want to try

UPDOWN is the number one in my list. This stock market game gives a lot of focus to the newbies. It provides an education page where beginners can learn about the stock market. They hold contests from time to time where you can receive something if you win. There is a contest currently going on which will end in 2015. It looks like they have 55 open contests at the moment.

Wall Street Survivor:  As the name implies, you will survive the hardships of the stock market. this stock market game currently has an estimation of 420,000 members. I consider it as a stock trading school because of all the information it provides. It has several courses and they are all free of charge because they are part of the game.

Market Watch is my last pick. For some reasons I prefer the first two, but this one is a great stock market game as well. It streams markets worldwide which gives plenty of options in the game. It also conduct some contests but they usually don’t take long to finish as compare to the contests at UPDOWN.

It is always in your best interest to learn more and educate yourself. Stock market game is one of the best strategies you can utilize to make yourself a better or even a great stock trader. There are a lot more games from which you can choose from, but these are the ones I’ve known for some times.

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