Is Penny Stock Trading Easy: Yes Or No And Why?

Problem of sitting too much when trading penny stocks
By ddpavumba.

If you have been trading penny stocks for awhile you may be wondering if there’s one thing that’s easy in this market.

Nonetheless, I know must of you have read somewhere over the internet about how easy penny stocks trading is.

You read everywhere about how easy it is to trade penny stocks, “You just open an online account with an online broker and start trading right off the bat”. Didn’t you read that somewhere? Well, I have read it. But, is it really that easy to trade penny stocks?

If you have not traded any penny stocks before, I suggest you keep reading to find out some answers to this question. Trading penny stocks has never been easy, I don’t think there will ever be a day where one of us can say that ” I had an easy day today.”

Not that you will lose your money every day, but it will always be hard for you in many aspects that are not being shared with you correctly.

True, some people can be successful trading penny stocks, but not anyone can achieve such a success. There are many reasons behind this; therefore, I am taking this time to do my best to share with you why this market is so difficult and what it can do to us.

According to Dr. Woody Johnson, trading is the most challenging business venture on the planet. Need I say more about this topic? There no way I could agree with this man’s opinion, although there may be some even more difficult venture than trading. But, trading is very difficult even for the professionals out there who are making millions.

Penny stocks trading is definitely very hard, many people are able to do it successful, but that does not change the fact that it is dangerous and very difficult.

I’m going to share some of difficult aspects of penny stocks trading with you since there isn’t anything easy about it.

4 factors that make penny stocks trading difficult

1-  Long sitting hours: If you are trading penny stocks you have to be in front of your computer’s everyday. It’s not pleasant at all to tell you the truth, you are going to be missed from many other events in your life because you have a responsibility, which is trading.

Since penny stocks are so volatile, they give you very little amount of time of freedom during the trading hours. This causes you to do nothing else but trade during this period of time.

Too much sitting can be very dangerous, especially if you’re a full-time trader. If you keep reading you will find more information as of how this can affect your health.

2- Eye problems: Kevin Loria has an article titled 95% Of Americans Risk Eye Problems By Staring At Screens All Day. From this article he was referring mainly to the stocks traders, if you read it you will see that. Staying starring at a computer screen that keeps changing from one color to another for a long time can hurt your eyes.

3- Go crazy after a big loss: The successful traders will never tell you how do they feel after losing a large chunk of their money trading penny stocks. It’s the worse feeling to have to deal with, but it’s inevitable because you will lose money no matter what you do.

You can have a mental break-down if you are not strong enough. would you characterized penny stokes trading as being easy? I don’t think so, because it is clearly not.

4- Long period of time sitting and your health: Dr. James A. Levine is co-director of the Mayo Clinic and the Arizona State University Obesity Initiative. According to him, there are 24 different diseases that are associated with excessive amount of hours sitting.

Inactivity and obesity work hand in hand; long day sitting and trading penny stocks can cause you to get weigh. Not only it encourages you to eat unhealthy, it also make you sit in a position where your stomach can acquire a bad shape.

Another health issue that can come with long sitting is pulmonary embolism (PE). PE is the third most common cause of cardiovascular death in USA. The reason is because we’re spending too much of our time sitting, either watching television, trading penny stocks, working, or traveling through long flights. WebMD has reported a study in 2011, it states as followed:

The study, of nearly 70,000 female nurses who were followed for 18 years, found that those who spent hours sitting and sedentary in their leisure time were much more likely to have blood clots in their lungs compared to those who were more active.

To give you more information on this problem, a big clot formed in the deep vein of the leg can travel and get lodged into the lungs which can instantly block your body’s mean of getting its oxygen. Death is usually the end result.

This is the risk we’re taking when we spend so many hours stick to our chair to trade penny stocks. Is there any way to change this outcome? Of course there is, but my question is how many of you would actually follow the instructions I will share with you bellow?

How to prevent pulmonary embolism while trading penny stocks?

Although pulmonary embolism is very dangerous, prevention does not require too much. We just have to obey to what is asked of us, then we should be good to go.

Physical activity: This is the key to prevent Pulmonary embolism (PE). According to Mayo Clinic, it’s good to move around when you are sitting too long. I know you have to keep watching your stocks’ movements, but remember that your life is more important.

Elevate your leg: If you can place your leg next to your desktop that would be great for you. It allows your blood to flow back up without any problem.

Stay hydrated: dehydration is one of the culprits of PE, drinking plenty of water can reduce your chance of having a PE. Also alcohol can get you dehydrated; this can be very hard on some of you, but at least diminish on the amount of alcohol you’re consuming.

Keep your ankle mobilized: moving or flexing your ankle from time to time can alleviate the risk of a PE. This is actually the easiest one that you can do.

Does trading penny stocks worth it all?

We may all have a different response to this question, it’s pretty understandable because we all trade differently and make different amount of money trading.

If you are one of those big time traders, you may say that it worth it, but if you’re not you may say the opposite.

However though, it does not mean any of you is wrong for your answer. It’s just that you are on different levels on your trading experience.

How have penny stocks trading affected your health?

I’m pretty sure many of you have been affected by long day trading penny stocks before. If you have not, I hope this does not happen to you, but if you have, let us know what it was and what did you do afterwards.

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