Investing in Stocks: Penny Stocks vs Blue Chips Stocks-Which One Do You Prefer?

When it comes to investing in stocks for the first time beginners find themselves puzzled figuring out which kind of stock to invest in.

We all know that there are penny stocks, which are the stocks that many people are judging as being gamble.

There are also the regular stocks, also known as blue chip stocks. Those are the favorite of many people when it comes to investing in stocks.

Below is a little infographic that tries to compare and contrast these two types of stocks for you.

Investing in stocks with the right market.


Both blue chip stocks and penny stocks have their own advantages and disadvantages. Where penny stocks may be better in one aspect, the blue ships are better in some others.

When it comes to safety measures, traders would always choose to trade the major stocks because they are safe.

But if you’re looking to make money, but not in a long run, penny stocks maybe your best bet. However, don’t ignore the risks you would be taking trading them.

Which one is your favorite? Share with us in the comment section!

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