The Financial Analyst-Peter Leeds-Can We Follow His Lead?

Peter Leeds is a Financial Analyst known for his success in the penny stock trading market. He started trading penny stocks while he was 14 years old, but his first trade was not something anyone would ever wish for.

Peter Leeds lost his entire investment, which was an amount of $4,200, his entire saving account. Again, that was his very first penny stock trading experience while he was still 14 years old with no prior experiences.

Although he was so young, he did something that many young people would not have done. He stopped trading and started teaching the strategies to himself. In return, all his works paid off, now he is one of the best out there.

peter leeds

 How did Peter Leeds Learn to Trade Penny Stocks?

He learned the techniques and strategies of penny stocks trading from some of the greatest mentors through their published works. Those mentors are also well-known for their strategies’ success. Pete spent his time reading and searching, he read the works of Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, and Peter Munk, just to name a few.

While he was learning from those masters he was also practicing his skills in paper trading. Paper trading is what they call the Stock Market Game. It is a great way to learn while you are not risking any money in the process. Learning while practicing has been proved to be a great method.

What Does Peter Leeds Do Now?

He’s now one of the best Financial Analysts. He specializes in mass market investor education. He has given many public speeches to investors on how to go about investing. He’s now trusted by many investors due to their experiences from his strategies.

Furthermore, he provides investment seminars and  he also has online publications as ways to help others like the way he was helped. That tells us trading penny stocks is dangerous but there are ways through which you can follow to trade successfully.

Peter Leeds is now helping millions of investors through six continents. His not only helping investors, he has also done some charity work with some of the non-profits organizations. One organization that he has worked with is the International Schizophrenia Foundation

In 2005, Peter Leeds was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), which is a neuro-degenerative disease. He did not want to receive the regular treatments used for this disease. He decided to try Orthomolecular medicine, which was not popular at that time. Fortunately enough, the symptoms responded to this treatment and the disease stopped progressing.

As a way of gratitude, he created a website called Peter’s Promise which is there to educate people about Orthomolecular medicine.

For Those Who Like Penny Stocks Newsletters

Peter Leeds also has a website dedicated to furnish traders like you with stock picks. But unlike the pump and dump picks, his picks are more guaranteed to be wining stocks. For this reason he does not send them out for free like everyone else is doing. If you are interested you can find more info at his website called Peter Leeds.

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