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Hi, I am Frantz, a very passionate writer. I am currently working on achieving my master in Business Management, which also have me learned so much in financing and investing. I admire those who are making an effort to finance, I think by having this website I will be able to encourage you as well as helping you achieving your goals in Investing.

Investing is one of the faster ways you can make money, but you have to go about it the right way, or else you won’t get the best results.

I like penny stocks trading just like you, I also hate to accept any loss just like you do. For this reason I usually spend lots of hours surfing the webs about ways to be a successful penny stock trader.

Jessy will put her expertise into work to help me build this wonderful website to help you all. She will help with the articles as well as giving me important topics to research in order to share with you.

In order words, she is my colleague in this venture. Without saying more, let’s get it started!

  • Johan

    I live in South Africa. Do you perhaps know of a reliable broker to trade USA penny stocks?
    Thanks a million!

    • P.S.Traders

      Hi Johan,
      Thanks for reading my post. Tradeking is not bad given that it does not charge too much per trade. However, I’m not sure if you can trade from South Africa since you will have to provide your address and US information, such as SS#.

  • Willie

    Hello guys, I’m Willie and very interested in the Pump and Dump section of your website! I just want to know if this is a reliable source to trade these “Pump and Dumps”?

    I’m looking forward to your reply!


    • P.S.Traders

      Thanks for your comment Willie. They’re pumps and dumps, I’m not advising anyone to trade them. However, they are some real ones.

  • brandon

    TGGI, October 6th pump and dump???

  • Dovi Teitlebaum

    hi i was wondering

  • Dovi Teitlebaum

    hi i was wondering at what time each day the lists are posted.. thank you

    • P.S.Traders

      Hi Dovi,
      Usually at 10 am.