10 Apps That Can Make Your Life Easier Trading stocks

phone apps to trade stocks

phone apps to trade stocks

If you have a smart phone I’m pretty sure you have an app for almost everything that you like.

Some cell phone application developers know that we would love to be able to trade on the go. They did just that by making trading a reality for us even when we’re far from home.

If you have never used one before, I think it’s time that you take a look at some of the most popular ones out there.

Without saying too much, let’s just dive straight in the list.

1- Fantasy Stock

If you have been following my blog post you should know by now that I put lots of emphasis on stock’s education. Although this post is not about stock’s education this particular app is a great one if you’re trying to learn how to trade correctly.

Fantasy Stock is not free but it doesn’t cost much. With just $0.99 you can have this app which will let you practice as much as you want.

The only thing that differs it from the real deal is that you’re not losing your money. You’re practicing with fake money instead of real money.

Once you feel ready for the real market then you can move on and start using your money and make real money, or lose real money if you’re unlucky.

This is the real and hard fact about stocks trading, you’ll lose money. There’s no escape from losses in the stock market.

But you can always try to keep it at a minimum.

2- Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is one of the best apps out there for stock traders. You may have heard about it before but have ignored that.

It’s a wonderful app that can make trading less difficult for you. We know how difficult it is to trade stocksf, especially if you’re trading penny stocks.

With all the hypes we’re hearing on a daily basis, not having the right tools to help us could be detrimental.

This app is totally free, something most of us like.

It provides its users with lots of information, such as market quotes, business and financial news, portfolio and alerts by Yahoo, etc…

It’s not difficult to navigate, more like any other app that you may have downloaded and installed in your phone.

3- TD Ameritrade Mobile

If you want more than what the other apps provide to you then it’s time you download TD Ameritrade Mobile.

No one could ever say “No” to this one, as long as you have an account with them you’re free to use most of their tools.

One thing I like the most about this app is the fact that you can use Level 2 straight from your phone.

There’s another feature within this app that also allows you to make check deposit right from your phone. Isn’t that wonderful?

I love it, I must say!

Furthermore, you don’t have to pay a penny for the app, free of charge for all those wonderful features.

4- E*Trade Mobile

If you have an account with E*Trade you can trade stocks wherever you are through this app. You can track your portfolio as well as accessing the data and all the researche made available by this organization.

Here’s what those behind this app have to say about it:

The market doesn’t stop when you’re away from your computer. Seize investing opportunities wherever you go with the E*TRADE Mobile app, named the #1 Smartphone App for Mobile Trading by Stockbrokers.com

5- JStock Android

JStock provides a very nice mobile platform for us to trade on the go. It’s a very organized app with so much information that can help with your trades.

Again, it’s another free one.

I usually say free stuffs suck, well we do have some exceptions. When it come to JStock Android it’s like a pro version although it’s free.

JStock gives us real-time stock quotes, charts, news, and company data in a well-organized format. It has access to 26 stock markets in the world, which is a lot if you ask me. They do plan on adding more markets to those 26 they currently have.

JStock can work on your desktop from home or work and it seamlessly integrates with the mobile app. This again is a plus when comparing to the others.

6- Bloomberg for Smartphone

If there are at least one app here in this list you have heard of, Bloomberg for smartphone has a great possibility to be one of them.

Well popular app which gives us access to news and analytic content. It’s not for no reason that many financial professionals around the world rely on this unique app.

According to Bloomberg, It provides more than just stock’s information, here is a list of what this app is about: “Economy, Technology, Health Care, Energy, Spending, Bonds, Commodities, Currencies, Emerging Markets, Funds, Insurance, Municipal Bonds, Muse, Opinion, Politics, Sports and Stocks.”

Although you’re looking for stock’s apps, you may find it useful to you for other purposes as well.

7- StockTwits

If you’re a big fan of social media, more precisely Twitter, you should download this app right now before you forget.

Like the name says, it’s very similar to twitter.

It feels like you’re using twitter, but the difference is that it’s all about the stock markets. No celebrities talks, no foods tweets, only stocks, stocks, and more stocks.

StockTwits makes it possible for you to follow stock’s trends. You’re able to see which stock is doing well or not according to what other users are posting.

8- Stock Watcher

This one is only for the the android users, if you’re an iPhone user you can always use either one of the others.

This app is synced with Yahoo! Finance server. Some of its features are as followed:

It supports Yahoo! Server in US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada Mexico, Brasil and Argentina.

It can be used for trading markets all over the world.

It has the ability to zoom in technical analysis making it easier for you to read and absorb your favorite stocks’ information.

It’s a free app with so many nice and good features, don’t miss out on this one.

9- Stock Market Calculator

We all calculate our gains, unfortunately we sometimes have to calculate our losses as well. Doing so using a regular calculator may take too much of your time when you’re trying to devote more time to the trading market.

This is where the Stock Market Calculator comes into play.

With a rating of just under 5/5, this app is not like any other. It’s the app to get for the purpose of stock calculations.

It can be used to calculate profit / loss, trace fibonacci, and compound interest, just to name of few of its features.

10- Morningstar

This app was developed by Morningstar.com, which is a website that provides many information that are very relevant to the stock market.

It’s a free app for iPhone users that has the goal of helping you to be a better trader.

It’s referred to as one of the best 7 stock apps according to Kiplinger, a financial advising site.

Through it you can read data and research conducted on many companies. Those information can help you to know which stock to invest or not to invest into.

Overall, it’s a very handy app that you should consider to take a look at.


Nowadays if you have something that you like to do chances are there’s an app for it. The trading markets are not sleeping when it comes to technology.

For this reason we’ve seen so many great apps made available to us traders to help us to be better. Although some of them may not be free, they’re not expensive also.

The paid ones are very affordable even if you’re not working. But you don’t have to get the paid ones if you don’t want to because most of the free ones provides more than enough features for you.

Please don’t forget to share this post with your trading buddies.

Also if you have some good apps that you use for your trades, don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment section.

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